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Your 2017 insurance benefits may be expiring soon.

What do you mean, expiring? 

Unlike your health insurance which has no limit on yearly coverage, dental insurance policies have a yearly maximum. That means insurance will help out with the cost of dental care up to a certain amount every calendar year, and no more.  If the entire amount of coverage isn’t used one year it doesn’t carry over into the next year, it simply expires and is gone for good. Every year dental insurance companies profit when you miss out on the full dollar amount of your coverage plan.

So this is a good time to get started on some dental treatment I might need? 

Yes! You can begin treatment now to maximize your 2017 benefits, and on January 1st take advantage of your 2018 benefits to continue treatment.

What if I don’t need any dental treatment? 

Even if you don’t think you need any treatment, now would also be a great time to see if you’re eligible for a dental wellness visit, which includes a cleaning, exam, and x-rays. Most plans allow for two (or more) cleanings a year and many times they don’t even make you wait a full six months in between. We’re always happy to check your benefits for you and see how we can help you maximize them.

What insurance policies does Central Park West Dentistry work with? 

Our general dentists are in-network with Delta Dental Premier, Cigna PPO, and Aetna PPO. We also have lots of patients with MetLife and Guardian plans, even though we’re not in-network with them. They usually have excellent out of network coverage, so we accept payment directly from them and take care of all the paperwork for you. We work with many other major PPO policies. We’re not able to accept any HMO, DMO, Medicaid, Medicare, or union insurance plans. We also have super flexible financing options for people without insurance. We’re always happy to check your benefits and let you know exactly how they would work at the office.

Tell me more about Central Park West Dentistry? 

We want to change the way you feel about going to the dentist at our two Upper West Side locations. We offer clinically excellent, truly patient-focused care 363 days a year with early morning, late evening, and weekend appointments available. Our honest and caring team is committed to providing you with top-notch dental care in a super-friendly environment. Our providers are all at the top of their field, with advanced training and superior technical skills. We work only with the country’s top dental labs, and we guarantee our work. We promise your visit will be comfortable, with amenities like complimentary coffee and tea, Kind Bars, WiFi, blankets, and lavender towels after your treatment.

Sounds great! What’s next? 

Call us at (212) 579-8885 for a complimentary benefits check, learn more about us, or request an appointment.

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