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All the best, all the time
So what does all the best, all the time mean to us? It means that we are not only the best versions of ourselves but that we provide the absolute best for our patients. Our team has been carefully selected and trained to represent our brand. We hire, train, and work together with our core values at heart.

Our 6 Pillars of Purpose

1. Wellness We believe that our generation can be healthier than the one that came before.


2. Spirit  We follow through, take care of our practice like it’s our own, and learn from our mistakes.


3. Innovation We believe in the power of innovation.


4. Dreams We believe in the pursuit of your dreams.


5. Education We believe in inspiring an insatiable appetite for learning.


6. Social Consciousness We believe in leaving the world better than when we found it.



  • Health and vision insurance for you and your family
  • Covered dental procedures
  • Discounted dental work for friends and family
  • 401K and profit sharing
  • Coverage of continuing education credits
  • Discounted travel expenses

Current Openings

We are constantly recruiting happy people to grow our team.
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What we’re looking for

We are currently interviewing general dentists for a rewarding opportunity to provide high-quality dentistry to patients in urgent need.

In our office, the patient is the star, and our doctors create loyal, raving fans by agreeing to live by the following four principles: commit to quality, exceed expectations, make personal emotional connections, and never phone it in.

This a perfect fit for someone who wants to work with a great team and make full use of a broad repertoire of skills in an attractive office with a stellar reputation. We are looking for a go-getter with excellent clinical and interpersonal skills, who can connect with and serve patients 1 weekend day per week (either Saturday or Sunday).

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Our hygienists are passionate about four roles: prevention, education, periodontal health, and patient relationships. We believe in preventing cavities before they happen; that’s why we recommend fluoride and sealants to anyone with teeth. We know that a well-informed patient makes healthy decisions; that’s why we use visual aids, discuss the link between oral and systemic health, and speak in a language that patients can understand. When it comes to oral hygiene, we never want to lecture; when patients collaborate on a plan for their homecare, we know they are more likely to stick to it. We measure periodontal health by probing every new patient, and again once a year, and our hygienists collaborate with the periodontist to arrest disease, and restore health. Lastly, the most important piece of the puzzle is the relationships we create with our patients. That’s why new patients receive a total of 90 minutes with their hygienist and existing patients 60 minutes so that diagnostically, clinically, and emotionally, we are consistently delivering a 5-star experience.

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The dental assistant is the unsung hero of the appointment, making the visit fly by smoothly and easily for both doctor and patient. Our assistants enjoy being busy and multi-tasking, and always look for opportunities to enhance their contribution to the production of the practice. This team member must be extremely friendly and exude confidence and positivity throughout all interactions with patients. Dental assistants make patients comfortable, safe, and happy, and make the providers look awesome!

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The Dental Administrator is the face of our practice. As first impressions are lasting impressions, it is important that all patient interactions with administrative team members, whether it is on the phone, or greeting them upon their arrival, be energetic and exudes positivity. The Dental Administrator ensures that the doctors and hygienists are busy, and makes sure they are paid for the work that is performed.

The Dental Administrator is a professional, organized, reliable, team player who plays a vital role in the practice. This team member educates the patient about their treatment plan, after the dentist has diagnosed and reviewed the treatment with a patient; continuously researches and forms working relationships with outside patient care financing companies in order to give our patients a wide range of viable financial options; determines insurance benefits that apply to treatment plans and estimate patient co-pay amounts; assists patients with dental insurance; presents fees and gives estimates of treatment; works with accounts receivable; generates end of day reports; monitors treatment plans and case acceptance; and implements financial policies.

This is a great fit for someone who is looking to provide outstanding customer service during patient-friendly hours and work in a large collaborative, over-achieving team with tons of personality, and let’s face it, occasional silliness.

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