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Miranda’s Botox for TMJ visit

Thinking about neuromodulator treatment (aka Botox) for your TMJ pain but worried about the actual treatment? Our very own hygienist, Miranda,filmed her recent visit with Dr. Kim so you can see how easy-peasy it was for her.

Cancer and Oral Health

Cancer & Oral Healthcare

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with cancer, or have undergone cancer treatment in the past, it’s essential to continue seeing your dentist regularly for check-ups. For the vast majority of cancer patients, dental care will remain unchanged. Twice daily brushing, daily flossing, and twice annual dental wellness visits may be all that you need. However,…

My experience with charcoal toothpaste

My Experience With Charcoal Toothpaste

Is it safe and effective? By: Dr. Devin Kuller One of my good friends has what appear to be the whitest teeth ever (and no, they’re not veneers). One day we were out playing golf, and I said to him, “Tom, how are your teeth so white? What do you do?” He replied, “I use…

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