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Dental insurance limitations

A History of Dental Insurance

Dental insurance came into existence in 1954 as a result of union bargaining efforts on the part of dock workers in California, Oregon, and Washington. Surprisingly, the maximum it covered then was the same as today, nearly 70 years later. An average of $1,000 – $1,500 dollars per year. If your policy had kept up…

Meet Brenda

I’m a dental hygienist at CPW Dentistry. It’s my 6th year here. My typical day starts with coffee and a walk to the park with my hyper vizsla pup, Rusty, so he can release some energy. After that, I’ll take the subway to 59th Columbus Circle. As soon as I arrive at CPW, I greet…

Gum recession

What advice to you give to people who have existing gum recession?

We asked our hygienists what they recommend for people who are starting to experience gum recession: Cailin: I love to educate my patients about why the gum recession is happening. It could be their bite, or it could be that they are clenching and grinding.  We talk about how to prevent it from getting worse…

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