What advice to you give to people who have existing gum recession?

Gum recession

We asked our hygienists what they recommend for people who are starting to experience gum recession:

Cailin: I love to educate my patients about why the gum recession is happening. It could be their bite, or it could be that they are clenching and grinding.  We talk about how to prevent it from getting worse in collaboration with their treating dentist. If they are sensitive, I am a big fan of Sensodyne.

Luis: Gentle brushing is the key! Electric toothbrushes with a pressure sensor are great tools for teeth that have recession since they stop vibrating too much pressure is being applied, not to mention they are proven to be more effective at removing biofilm than manual toothbrushes. If you prefer to use manual toothbrushes, make sure to use extra soft bristles!. And last but not least, keep your regular checkups and cleanings so your doctor and hygienist can monitor any changes and evaluate if advanced treatment is needed with a gum specialist.

Brenda: Don’t brush too hard, of course! But sometimes the problem is a little more complicated than that because has to do with the bite or clenching and grinding. Malposition and/or clenching and grinding place less-than-ideal pressure on a tooth. This pressure can weaken the tooth at that junction and cause the enamel to wear off or gum recession. That’s why I always speak about the benefits of aligning teeth to a more ideal position, for long term oral health.  It can prevent expensive and invasive gum grafts and sensitivities. Also, night guards can help prevent further recession. Overall, I feel like gum recession is usually caused by a combination of factors. Once you see a bit of recession, which is not always entirely dangerous, prevention of progression is key. Fluoride treatments also help with strengthening the areas of exposed root surfaces.

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