Meet Brenda

I’m a dental hygienist at CPW Dentistry. It’s my 6th year here. My typical day starts with coffee and a walk to the park with my hyper vizsla pup, Rusty, so he can release some energy. After that, I’ll take the subway to 59th Columbus Circle. As soon as I arrive at CPW, I greet the building staff and my teammates and look at my schedule for the day. I always try to prepare in advance and be ready with personalized recommendations! Throughout the day, I’ll meet a few new people and see many familiar faces as people come for their dental wellness visits.

My career revolves around preventing disease, which I love. Knowing that people can have stable oral health if they take good care of their teeth at home and come to see us regularly comforts me. It’s fulfilling at the end of the day to feel you’ve improved someone’s life, even in just a small way.

I love working at CPW because we all strive to keep a peaceful, respectful, and enjoyable working environment. At the same time, we’re always thinking of ways to improve patient care so everyone feels well cared for. We want people to be comfortable and at ease from the initial call phone call, to the dental chair, all the way to the check out desk.

The most valuable piece of advice I’ve ever received is one that many people know and can even recite: treat others as you would want to be treated. I try to live by this and apply it to both my personal life and profession. It sounds so simple but it’s very powerful!

I know many people don’t like visiting the dentist. That is why it is a priority for me to make appointments as comfortable as possible. Additionally, I want to guide and/or celebrate my patients’ oral health, which contributes to their overall health and genuine smile.

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