What to do when: Your crown falls off

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Did your crown have a run in with some sticky caramel and finally meet its match? We’re here for you! Crowns falling off while eating or drinking are a common concern and we’ve heard anything from coffee, to sandwiches, to Twizzlers, to nuts being the culprit. First things first, if you can call us, do! We’re here for you 363 days a year from early in the morning until late in the evening. Our overnight answering service can schedule next-day emergency appointments for things like loose crowns too. We’ll always be able to see in within a few days and get that crown back in its place.

Here’s some advice for what to do before you can make it to us. First thing’s first, take the crown out of your mouth and don’t try to put it back in without any adhesive. There’s a chance you might swallow it or breathe it in and it’s just not worth the risk! That said, if you do swallow a crown, it will probably pass without a problem, so don’t panic.

Once you have the crown out of your mouth, take a look at the crown and the remaining tooth. If your tooth broke and a piece is stuck inside the crown, there’s not much you can do without our help.

If the crown looks hollow, then you might want to try using temporary cement for a quick fix until you can make it to the office. You can pick this up at Duane Reade or the pharmacy of your choice. Here’s an idea of what it looks like (from the Duane Reade website):


This is a little bit of a long shot, but it’s worth a try if you’re in a pinch. First, clean the inside of the crown, then coat it with this “cement”. It will come with more detailed instructions that will vary depending on the formula you purchase. Please be careful once you have the crown temporarily re-cemented – this is not nearly as strong as the cement we use in the office!  It’s also different because there’s now bacteria trapped between the temporarily re-cemented crown and your tooth. When we permanently re-cement it we’ll be sure to sterilize everything 1st.

Come see us as soon as you can. We might need to take an x-ray. Sometimes crowns fall off because there’s been additional decay which changed the shape of your tooth and the fit of the crown. We’ll go over everything once we see you.


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