Clean waterline testing

Clean behind the scenes

By Rami: Registered Dental Hygienist

We take a lot of visible steps to keep you safe, especially these days. But just as important is what happens behind-the-scenes to provide responsible care in a clean environment. There are countless protocols in place that you don’t see, all designed with your health in mind. Enter: water line testing. “Water lines” are the tubes connecting our drills, air/water syringes and ultrasonic scalers to a water supply. Biofilm—a coating of microorganisms—can develop in these waterlines over time, so it’s important they are maintained regularly. Rest assured CPW dentistry has your back! We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure you are cared for in a safe office. We regularly test our waterlines with Pro Edge kits to ensure they’re bacteria-free. Since the water line testing is an in office testing kit, we can actually share some results with you! Below are two images, the first picture is what we use as a reference to read the paddle and the second picture is the results of one of the tests completed in each treatment room.


As you can see, our waterlines passed their test! One of our values as a practice is transparency so we hope you found this peek at one of our lesser known safety protocols valuable. We want you to feel at ease – we’re honored to be your dental home.


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