Our Honor Code

1) Honor Yourself. Take a moment to honor yourself. You’ve set aside time today to look after your health and wellbeing; for that alone you deserve a round of applause. Our entire team is grateful for the opportunity to help you. We’ve designed an experience to give you freedom to express your wellness goals without shame. It’s by honoring your unique story, whatever it may be, that we can truly get to know you and your needs. We simply ask for honesty, and we’ll do everything we can to help you reach your goals.

2) Honor Your Word. The choices you make in treatment are commitments to yourself and your caregivers. When you choose an appointment time, we ask that you respect the time that is reserved just for you. Please arrive on time so we can give you the quality care that we’ve promised. When you choose a financial package, please stick with the agreements you’ve made so that your treatment timeline isn’t compromised. Remember that treatment is important for your wellness. If you’re using insurance and it doesn’t pay quite what we estimated, we have several flexible financial options for you to help manage the cost of your care, because ultimately your health is the most important thing!

3) Honor Each Other. You deserve to receive care in a tranquil and pleasant environment, so we ask that you help maintain a positive atmosphere. Please be conscious of your behavior and avoid acting in ways that could negatively affect other patients or caregivers. We’re all in this together!

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COVID-19 Update: We're currently open for routine, emergency, and elective care on a modified schedule with more time reserved for each visit. We look forward to offering online scheduling again soon! In the meantime, please call (212) 579-8885, text (646) 681-4146, or email office@cpwdentistry.com and we will be happy to help arrange a visit.