Meet Joe

Meet Joe
What’s your role here at CPW Dentistry and what does a typical day look like for you? I’m a Certified Dental Assistant. A typical day at CPW for me is compromised of providing for patient comfort and needs, setting up the treatment rooms (and instruments) for procedures, sterilization duties within our in-house lab, implementing COVID-19 prevention protocols, restocking, and management of the doctor’s clinical lab cases.

What do you like most about working here? The staff! Everyone here is so multifaceted. I love that the focus at CPW is on the clinical artistry and efficiency, and the team is one cohesive unit! They work hard perfecting their roles in dentistry, and on top of that, they are visionaries in the activities, passions, studies, and hobbies that they pursue outside of dentistry. I love working with individuals who make such a bonded, efficient team, while also knowing who I can talk to about world literature, philosophy, mythology, the theatre and acting world, martial arts training, and many more shared interests. This group is so eclectic, and they welcomed me with open arms!

Why did you decide to get into the field of dentistry? I never actively “decided” to go into the field of dentistry. My mentor chose me. I was working as a freelance gardener and actor, and was hired by a Dr. David Zadik to work on his properties. We had one conversation together in his garden and he said, “You’re too smart. I need someone like you in my office.” I worked for him in scrubs on the weekdays and in boots on the weekends for over two years, moving from a support and strategy role, to a sterilization, legal, and training role, to the medical chairside role as a Dental Assistant, all while learning about life. He taught me this trade. He encouraged me to get my CDA and is supportive of my growth in NYC. He and I still catch up over breakfast sometimes.

Are you a dog person or a cat person (or neither)? I was fortunate to have grown up in a dog family, yet to have also owned cats at a different stage in my life. I’m more of a dog person, for sure. The love they give is exquisite and beyond compare. I grew up with my grandmother’s German Shepherd’s and Yellow Labs, but that never retracted from the love I had for my beloved black cat. Pit Bulls are the greatest lap dog, though. They’re the perfect breed.

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from? A difficult question. I can’t answer it honestly, but I can answer the best affirmation I’ve ever been given. Both my girlfriend Adriana, my mentor Dr. Zadik, and numerous friends of mine have all said the same thing about myself and the move to New York City: “You belong in the city.” I want to grow here.

What’s one thing you’re learning now? I’m learning variant styles, tools, and clinical applications in Dentistry, which is extremely important to me. I always want to grow. As an art, science, and craft, Dentistry is consistently evolving and it’s exceedingly exciting to be able to grow under CPW’s incredible dentists.

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