Front Teeth Crowns vs Veneers

Crowns vs veneers with Dr. Winokur

Dr. Blake Winokur and the rest of the doctors here at CPW Dentistry offer several excellent options to restore or enhance your front teeth. The most common choices are crowns, veneers, and bonding. We’re here to explain the differences and help you understand which is the best for you, especially when it comes to crowns vs veneers. First, let’s take a look at these before and after photographs by Dr. Winokur. He restored one of the teeth in these photos with a crown, and one with a veneer. Can you tell which is which?

No? That’s right. You won’t be able to see the difference between crowns and veneers if they are done by a skilled provider. So let’s go under the surface to find out a little more.


Veneers are wafer thin pieces of porcelain or a similar material affixed to the front surface of your tooth. A veneer is the best solution when you’re seeking to alter the shape, color, or aesthetic of a healthy and intact tooth. We’ll remove a little bit of enamel to facilitate the bond between the veneer and the tooth and make sure it doesn’t feel “bulky,” but it requires no additional preparation.


Crowns are essentially “360-degree” veneers that hug your entire tooth with a thin, natural looking layer of porcelain or a similar material. A crown is the right solution for a front tooth that is structurally weak because it can can provide the support and protection your tooth needs while simultaneously restoring or improving its aesthetic. A large cavity most commonly causes structural weakness on a front tooth, especially one with a previous filling in it. A crowns can also be the best solution if you break off a significant portion of your tooth, or if you are a severe tooth grinder.

(Bonus option!) Bonding:

Sometimes people also want to consider bonding as an option to restore or enhance a front tooth. Bonding is done using a tooth-colored composite resin material, applied to the surface of your tooth and sculpted to the desired shape. It’s usually an economical quick-fix that’s great to use on an emergency basis to get a tooth back to its original shape. The downside is that bonding is not as strong as veneers or crowns, and the material is more porous so is more likely to pick up stains over time. Those factors mean bonding is often a temporary solution that will need to be replaced, most likely by a veneer, at some point in the future.

So now let’s revisit our before and after and find out what’s what!


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