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Invisalign® | NYC

Clear aligners from Invisalign use advanced technology to gently guide your teeth into their optimal positions. The best part? Your lifestyle isn't interrupted, meaning you can still enjoy the activities you love and the foods you can't live without.

Aligned teeth are healthier

Invisalign® offers an alternative to traditional metal braces by using clear aligner trays to help gradually straighten your teeth. Most of the time, people assume this is a cosmetic therapy, and they’re not wrong – Invisalign can help move teeth into a beautiful, perfect, arch. At CPW Dentistry, we believe the benefits of Invisalign are more than just cosmetic.

Invisalign can correct a host of problems caused by “malocclusion” a.ka. a misaligned bite. The literal Latin translation is “bad bite” but we don’t want you to feel bad about it. Your misalignment may be inherited, or stem from losing teeth early or having an accident. Malocclusion isn’t always obvious. Even if your front teeth may look completely straight, the teeth in your upper and lower jaws might not meet properly. Here are some examples of how misalignment can cause issues and how correcting those issues can lead to healthier teeth:

Damage from traumatic force

Alignment issues cause teeth to be in “trauma” so instead of sliding past each other, they collide as you chew, speak, and go about your day. Repeated force can damage tissue and lead to receding, chipping, and wearing.

Disease from tough-to-clean teeth

Crooked or crowded teeth can be more difficult to clean because they overlap each other, trapping food and bacteria in the spaces around them. Over time, this can lead to tooth decay or gum disease.

Discomfort from an imbalanced bite

Sometimes, an imbalanced bite can cause chewing difficulties while you’re eating, speech impediments, or discomfort in your jaw. Correcting the alignment of your bite can provide relief.

What you'll like about Invisalign

  • Nearly invisible: Invisalign aligners are almost impossible to see. As you get used to wearing the aligners you’ll hardly even know they’re there! Even though the trays are nearly invisible, the results aren’t. You’ll start to notice a different in about six weeks.
  • Comfortable: The clear aligners are made of a BPA-free thermoplastic material that’s smooth to the touch and lays flat against your teeth. Inserting and removing them is easy-peasy, and you can even pop them out for a little while on super-special occasions.
  • Eat whatever you’d like: Invisalign allows you to eat and drink all of your favorite things during treatment. Because the aligners can be removed, there’s no risk of food damaging them. Go ahead and enjoy that movie theatre popcorn! Just don’t forget to floss.
  • Easy Oral Hygiene: You take out the Invisalign aligners when brushing and flossing your teeth, so you can brush and floss just like you always have. Full access to all of your teeth ensures easy oral hygiene maintenance.
  • Just the right number of visits: You’ll be coming to see us every 6 weeks so we can make sure your treatment is going according to plan, and give you the next few sets of aligners. This gives you the convenience of 6 weeks between visits, and the peace of mind provided only by getting the consistent professional attention you deserve.

What you might not like about Invisalign

  • An adjustment in lifestyle: In order to get results, you’ll need to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day. That’s commitment! If you’re serious about getting your teeth into their proper alignment, you’ll only take your aligners out when you eat, drink, or brush your teeth.
  • Soreness: Just like any adjustments in life whenever a change is made things may be a little uncomfortable. Moving teeth is no different. It’s common to feel a little soreness or sensitivity to pressure when you first start your trays or change a new tray. Within a few days your teeth will adjust and you’ll be back to not even noticing they are there!
  • You Get Accessories: “Buttons” are a vital tool in the success of your aligned teeth. They are little raised tooth colored attachments on your teeth that act as an anchor for shifting teeth into proper position. The good news is you barely see them!
  • We might slim your teeth down: In some, but not all cases, we use a technique called IPR- or Interproximal Reduction. This totally painless technique involves a slight filing of the teeth (we’re talking fractions of millimeters) to create space that allows easier and faster tooth movement.
  • You get smile besties for life: You’ve worked hard to get your smile happy and healthy and we want to keep it that way! Once you complete your full treatment, you’ll need to invest in retainers to make sure your teeth don’t shift. These retainers will be your besties for maintaining that smile for life.

What to expect step-by-step

  1. Consultation

    You'll have a chance to ask all of your questions and make sure you’ll be happy with your decision to move forward with Invisalign. We’ll make sure you’re a good candidate. We can use our iTero® Element™ scanner take an incredibly detailed impression of your teeth and gums. There’s no goo and no radiation. Then we can use this 3-D model to visualize how your teeth may look after Invisalign. That helps take some of the guesswork out of your decision. If you decide to sign up for treatment, the same scan can usually be used to accurately create your clear aligners and retainers.
  2. Records

    We’ll take a series of molds, x-rays, and photographs of your teeth to send to Invisalign so you can get your treatment started.
  3. ClinCheck

    You and your provider will look at a 3d computer model of your teeth to see exactly how they will move, and what the final, proper, alignment will look like. At this visit, we’ll know how long your treatment will take.
  4. IPR and Buttons

    Not everyone will need this visit, but if we need to create a bit more space between your teeth or place small tooth colored “buttons” to help the trays work, this will be the time.
  5. Periodic visits

    You’ll come back to see your dentist every 6 weeks so we can check to make sure your teeth are healthy and moving as planned. You’ll receive your next aligner trays at this visit.
  6. Finishing up

    The average length of treatment is around 1 year, but it all depends on your unique treatment plan. Once everything is in its perfect place, we’ll remove any attachments we needed to place.
  7. Retainers

    We’ll set you up with retainers to prevent your teeth from gradually shifting back towards their initial position.

Your smile is an investment in yourself

Other clear aligner systems may attract attention with lower prices but with Invisalign treatment, you get the most advanced clear aligner system in the world and individual attention from your provider and our team.

Your Treatment Coordinator will work with you to determine the very best financial arrangement for you, based on your budget, credit history, and treatment plan.

Payment option #1: Insurance
Many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign treatment just like they would any other orthodontic treatments, up to $3,500.

Payment option #2: FSA
You can set aside up to $2,550 of your pre-tax dollars through your employer’s flexible spending account and use those funds to help cover the cost of Invisalign.

Payment option #3: Payment Plans
We offer flexible and affordable, interest-free monthly payment plans through Lending Club and Care Credit with monthly payments as low as $250.

The fee for Invisalign treatment is generally between $5199 and $7418. The retainers you receive at the end of your treatment will cost around $800. The overall investment will be determined by:

  • The complexity of your case
  • How long you are in treatment
  • Your orthodontic insurance coverage

Q&A with Cailin

CPW Dentistry's very own hygienist Cailin recently completed Invisalign treatment, so we asked her a few questions:

Cailin Invisalign

Q: What's something you were surprised to learn when you started treatment?

A: That if I forgot to put my trays in right after eating, they would feel super tight again from my teeth starting to shift so quickly.

Q: What was the most challenging part of the treatment for you?

A: Brushing my teeth after eating before I put my trays in (you have to do this to help prevent cavities) and then being offered a snack the minute my trays were back in!

Q: Are you happy you chose to do Invisalign?

A: Yes! I always liked my smile, even before I started Invisalign, but afterward, I couldn't believe how big my smile seemed! I just wish I'd done it sooner.

10 things to know before you start Invisalign:

Before and Afters

What People are Saying

Thorough and professional, CPW Dentistry is a first class practice in every respect.
Steve G.
Where do I even begin? If I could give this office more than 5 stars, I would! From the second you walk in the office you are met with nothing but the most professional and courteous service! Even after you leave the office, their follow-up makes you feel cared for. You can tell that every staff member takes their role in the patient's experience seriously. As someone who is really nervous about visits to the dentist, I can say that this place puts me completely at ease!
Danielle S.
Amazing place! Very conveniently located and they stay open after work and on weekends for extra convenience. The whole office is super friendly and welcoming and they did great work on my teeth!
Ian C.
I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes from my scheduled appointment and their professionalism is beyond reproach. I can't say enough positive feedback about Central Park West Dentistry. I would never go anywhere else in New York for my dental care.
Pamela P.
For unparalleled kindness, expertise, and professionalism, go to CPW Dentistry
Larissa F.

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