An update from Dr. Lhota

An update from Dr Lhota

First, I want to acknowledge anyone who is facing a COVID-19 infection firsthand as a patient, a parent, family member, or friend. We are wishing you well, and our thoughts are with you.

COVID-19 is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. We are in uncharted waters, but we will weather this strange time and come out ok together.

We are operating but in a different capacity, open for emergencies and virtual appointments. There are still team members answering your phone calls, texts, and emails. We know it’s always a bad time to have a toothache, but especially now. You are not alone. People in severe pain or with infections can be seen in person, albeit on a more limited schedule. Our goal in this is to help reduce the load on the hospital system by caring for people with dental emergencies who might otherwise end up in an ER. Additional safety protocols and screenings have been put in place for all in-office visits. Anyone who is not in pain or who does not have an infection is safest staying at home and setting up a virtual visit. This is to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. There is also a shortage of PPE like masks and gloves, so we are trying to make the inventory we do have last as long as possible.

Guidelines for in-office treatment: If you have a problem with pain or an infection, don’t postpone treatment.

Guidelines for telemedicine treatment: When an in-office visit isn’t recommended, we are doing virtual telemedicine visits in which you can speak to a dentist for advice and prescriptions, like antibiotics. We can help manage many issues that arise this way.

It’s impossible to know how long this situation will last, but we are doing everything we can to be here for our patients and team members during this time. We intend to be up and running for all kinds of appointments as soon as that’s safe and responsible. So, we look forward to seeing you again soon! In the meantime, I encourage you to please take care of yourself, your friends and family, and the community around you. We can and we will overcome this and we’ll thrive once again. Thank you and be well.

-Dr. John Lhota


Emmy, Chewie, and Dr. Lhota

Emmy, Chwey, and Dr. Lhota


2 Responses to “An update from Dr. Lhota”

  1. Nina Haritos says:

    Hi Dr Lhota,

    See you this summer! Stay safe and healthy everyone!

    Nina Haritos

  2. Heidi Scheuber says:

    Hi Folks! Dr. Lhota, you need a SHAVE!! You are going to the “dogs” who are both very cute. All fine, here. XX Heidi

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