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Pain-free Root Canals

Microscopic root canal therapy is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed. Root canal therapy is performed by an endodontist when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected, or the pulp becomes damaged. During the procedure, a specialist removes the nerve and pulp of the tooth, and the inside is cleaned and sealed. Our providers use a special microscope so that the entire procedure is minimally invasive. For many patients, root canal therapy is one of the most feared procedures in all of dentistry. However, at Central Park West Dentistry, our dental professionals make it our number one priority to ensure your comfort while undergoing your root canal treatment, so there is absolutely nothing to fear.

In most cases, since the nerves and blood supply have been removed, and the tooth becomes fragile after a root canal, it is best that the tooth is fitted with a crown to protect it. This increases the prognosis of the tooth by six times.

Experts in Pain-free Root Canals:

Dr. Robby Rabi

Robby Rabi, DMD


Dr. Rabi’s enthusiasm for dentistry began during high school when he lived in Orlando, Fl. He would spend his summers working in his uncle’s dental office. Dr. Rabi obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology at Nova Southeastern University and his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry at the University of Florida. After seven years…

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What People are Saying

I first went to CPW right after the first of the year due to some tooth pain. Turned out I needed a root canal.... Amazing experience (for the dentist that is!)... Everyone has always been on time...never late. The service is always tremendous - no attitude. Always greeted by name every time I walk in now. They've been very clear up-front with what is required, costs, etc. - never any surprises. I highly recommend them!
Ronald J.
“““““““Emergency Root Canal- I am forever grateful to the staff at CPW dentistry. I called their number around 3am to set up an appointment because of a previously butchered root canal. I was in so much pain they saw me that same morning and started to work on my root canal right away. My pain was immediately alleviated but as time went by I also caught an infection and no matter how many times I needed Dr. Lhota to see me, he did! And, he was able to save my tooth.”
This company is the Bentley of dentistry!!! I was hooked on my first visit and trust me I'm not a fan of going to the dentist, but the staff ( Mallory, Angel, Teresa, Anel, Elyse, Dr, Agora, Dr. Liner, Dr. Winokur) we're absolutely AMAZING!!!! I've never been to a dental office where they are very attentive to the patient's needs. I had a very bad experience with a root canal at a different dental office in the city, but when Dr. Lipner did my recent root canal I was so comfortable I think I dozed off a couple of times, and that says a lot about his awesome technique. I also had to get a tooth pulled and Dr. Winokur did a great job, and did something you don't often get from a dental office " a follow up call ."
Gwen W
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