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All on Four Dental Implants

The All-on-Four dental implant process is a groundbreaking improvement in modern dentistry that can restore all of your teeth with just four implants. These implants support an entire prosthetic arch of teeth, providing a comfortable and durable alternative to dentures. The treatment is not certainly for everyone, but it can be a truly life-changing opportunity for people who are in need of full arch restorations with failing teeth, failing dental work, no teeth, or dentures.

Our all-on-four expert is Dr. E. Robert Wardius. Here’s an email we received from a grateful patient who recently saw Dr. Wardius for an All-on-Four..

“Words can’t describe how I feel.  As you know, I was quite nervous about the procedure and found in Rob a professional who engendered a unique combination of compassion and care that I have never experienced.The procedure was executed flawlessly.  The entire office staff was attentive and professional.  Rob was totally focused and I felt no hesitation at the last minute.The post-op was a bit uncomfortable the first 2 days, however, Rob was in constant touch which meant a lot to me.

Each day brings new experiences for me.  I have a heightened sense of self-esteem, am smiling more often, and importantly, find myself TRYING to smile! To say this is a life-changing event would be an understatement. I will forever be grateful to the entire team at CPW Dentistry…I couldn’t be more delighted with the results.”


Here is a timeline of a typical All-on-Four dental implant treatment:

All-on-four dental implants

  1. First, Dr. Wardius will see you for an initial visit when he’ll take impressions, x-rays, and possibly a 3D CT Scan of your teeth. These together are called your “records”.
  2. Then he’ll spend about two weeks preparing for your next visit.
  3. Two weeks later is your main treatment visit, when you come to the office in the morning with whatever dental problems you had and leave in the afternoon with beautiful, fixed, functional temporary teeth. In this one appointment, Dr. Wardius will remove all of your damaged teeth, then place between 2 and 4 dental implants, and finally attach a completely natural-looking temporary restoration. Some patients prefer to be put to sleep for this visit, while others elect to have it done with Novocaine and a Valium type medication to make them more relaxed. One of the amazing benefits of the All-on-Four procedure is that you are comfortable the entire time and have little to no postoperative sensitivity.
  4. In another two weeks, you’ll return for a post-op visit with Dr. Wardius to evaluate healing and remove your stitches. For the first three months you’ll need to eat soft foods in order to allow your implants to heal.
  5. After three months the healing process will be complete and you can have a permanent, metal reinforced prosthesis made.






Experts in All on Four Dental Implants:

E. Robert Wardius, DMD

All-on-Four Implants Sedation Dentistry

Dr. E. Robert Wardius graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 1981 as a member of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon dental honor society. He has been a practicing dentist for over 30 years, providing all facets of general dentistry, as well as implant and oral surgery. Dr. Wardius has trained at…

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What People are Saying

I had been embarrassed and ashamed of my smile for years, but I also knew I had to do something since most of my teeth were failing. I made an appointment with Dr. Wardius and although I was scared, I mustered all of my courage and walked into his office. I was greeted by a terrific staff, and within my first appointment I knew I had made a great choice. It has been 6 months and I feel and look great. The entire staff made sure that my experience was top notch.
Mildred M.
Dr. Wardius gave me a million dollar smile with the All-on-Four and I am so happy it turned out the way it did!
Theodore S.
When I came for my consultation and Dr. Wardius told me how I could have the procedure in one day, for me that was miraculous. I was on my second set of failed bridge work and I just didn’'t want to go through all that again! I didn'’t want false teeth, I like to smile, I like to eat, who doesn'’t? If you want to change your life and be free of dental work, the All-on-Four is definitely the way to go!
Nora Z.
I had bad teeth all my life and I hated going to the dentist. When I started coming to Dr. Wardius the fear was gone. With the All-on-Four I have no pain, no toothaches and I can eat apples again!
Glenn B.
I always had a lot of problems with my teeth over the years. The All-on-Four is the best procedure I have ever had done! I’m so grateful I had it done!
Dolly H.
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